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Sep 7, 2017

Episode 25 breaks apart the belief that Pleasure is so taboo -
The time has come to talk about sex in a more spiritual, soul filling way and my guest Irene Fehr is all about that!  Are you so scared to ask for it, receive it, surrender to it, and give yourselves permission to like sex, money or power? Has life or pain filled up so much that you can't enjoy it? This episode is going to open your mind up to how your ability to be intimate can deeply affect your psyche and invade your physical health, self-view, lifestyle, success, and pain!
The Guilt, The Fear Around Wanting it Better
I know many conservative women in my old clinical practice struggled with the guilt, fear, and authority to call the shots in the bedroom. I have seen how that inner dialogue can play off as pain in the body. I have seen some pretty tight pelvic floors and stress related conditions show up in the muscles of the pelvis, jaw, hips and low back and upon healing, we find that this pattern of hold in the body had much more to do with feeling bad inside about wanting pleasure than actually not having it available.
When Being Touched Feels Wrong
I have also seen many women deal with years of painful periods after being sexually abused and avoid being intimate with that body area due to dysfunction.  It is as if the body is punishing the woman for not receiving pleasure or is caught up in mind/body loop to guard against passive entry.
Sometimes we are protecting ourselves from a history of receiving it the wrong way.
Irene Fehr knows all about that. 
As an Intimacy & Sexuality Coach, advocate, adventurer, and healer Irene is on a mission to help people have more love into their sex life and more sex into their love life. Known for authentically sharing her own personal experiences as a sexually empowered woman, Irene gives permission to others to explore their authentic selves in uncharted territory.
In this Talk we explore:
  • The myths and sadness making pleasure being a taboo subject
  • How Irene leads women and couples on a journey of sexual growth, expansion and connection.
  • How receiving, as in the role of our bodies during sex, is actually a really feminine force of abundance, surrender, and flow into our minds and bodies.
  • How important it is to change the the way sexual health has been historically linked to two things: STDs and avoidance of pregnancy for our sons and daughters.
  • She ends our call with a really wonderful gift for everyone to learn SO MUCH MORE. ( See the link in the notes below)
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Irene offers a "Sexual growth program" which dives passionately into sexual problems ( no pun intended). She has graciously offered our listeners an invite into her support with her Free guide: From Tired to Turned On: 3 Steps to Reigniting Desire & Wanting Sex Again. Go grab it and enjoy your next date! 
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