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Feb 20, 2023

IP Lawyer Neidy (Pronounced like Lady) leads her trademark law practice with grace  

Episode 84 is a longer wisdom chat clocking in just under an hour so get the earphones and hit the treadmill on this one because it is packed with wise women wisdom!!! 

If you are a woman in business and do not look at her Instagram page for her resources after this then let's have a personal sabotague chat! 

In this episode we discuss: 

~ The messy state of transition into law practices of entrepreneurs via Door law

~Unapologetically helping women founders

~The Entrepreneurship route via motherhood

~The lie that Mothering is a social construct

~Mothering Law -Access to quality legal services at a reasonable fee, clear and clean process —reducing overwhelm

~Showing up loud in The Mompreneurship  Superpowers most miss

~The home double bind —

~The Push of the Pandemic to bet on yourself

~Neidy’s wisdom on the Sacred Success Path

~Avoiding the cameleon pose as a Maiden

~Avoiding Mavenhood

~The Curvy Hustle

~IP rules and the best way to secure your legacy

~The extra steps her trademark practice Noir IP takes to walk women through step by step into protecting their identity

~The Feedback loops to look out for in  professional gaslighting and hidden self abuses

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