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Sep 3, 2019

Ever wonder why people show up in the world as they do?

Ever want to jump into someone's head and communicate a little better?

Then this "Labor of love what I do" - Labor Day episode #49 is for you! I

  • I explore why we in healthcare are actually driving the business of healing in every conversation we have working with someone every day
  • How meeting people where they are and Unifying your message with their expectations is yoga off the mat and drives clients to buy into completing a plan of care way better than your promised gadgets.
  • How understanding the who you support is just as needed as the understanding the what you are supporting.
  • What various profiles need to hear to move them towards or away from us every interaction 

Everyone is, of course, a blend of personality styles just like in Vedic philosophy, every human is a blend of several energetic profiles. In fact, the science of yoga is where I learned the fine art of seeing people behind the pain of the injury.

My dominant personality is Influencer ( no surprise I produce a podcast right?).

My core motivator is knowledge and discovery, as I would suspect a majority of my audience is here too. That blend led me towards taking action to seek a psychosocial objective because talking chakras and koshas was just not going to translate well for prime time.

This wisdom and my desire to make the world more beautiful, another core motivator for me,  led me to learn how to use reliable psychosocial metrics to ask better questions and get better answers and then develop the Integrative Life Coach training for my peers so they can help me beautify the world by coaching people in pain into a brand new outlook on their life because of the struggle .

You get to learn these tools from me now and that might cause you to see out this solution for your gaps in communication. 

And that is how this works...We all get what we really want out of knowing ourselves and our behaviors and understanding the audience we have for the desired outcome we can share.  

In this episode, I talk about this new need in the skill set of every client-centered service provider's toolbox. 

I also provide a mini training in learning the 4 most common personality types to look for in yourself and those you speak with tomorrow.

Finally, you will see that being a high-level care provider that is a great salesman does not need to keep marketing as hard.